Owner: Justin Osterman


Recruitment Tools

WayUp connects students with jobs during and after college -- from summer internships to part-time gigs to full-time jobs after graduation.

WayUp connects students with part-time, internships, and full-time entry-level jobs for recent grads. Businesses post a job to a targeted audience of students at any US college, and students can browse through jobs and apply for free.

Company Information

Location: New York , NY
Year Founded: 2014
Head Count: 11-50
Alexa Rank: 32,526
Growth Stage: Series A
Total Funding: $2 - $15M
Last Round: $7.8M on 9/1/2014

Company Contacts

Unfortunately we were not able to pull any contact information for WayUp.

Pricing & Marketing

Pricing Model: N/A
Monthly Price Range: N/A
Intended Users by Organization: B2C, Enterprise, SMB
Intended Users: CEO, Consumers, Entrepreneurs, HR Professionals, Small Business Owners, Students
Tech/Marketing Stack: Ad Servers, Advertising Networks, Analytics and Tracking, Data Management Platforms, Demand Side Platforms, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Online Testing Platforms, Retargeting, Supply Side Platforms
Current & Past Clients: N/A

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